Newborn :: Mentoring

I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am to Emily of EESmith Photography for allowing me to crash her studio! Emily is an insanely talented, award winning newborn photographer out of the Worcester / Boston, MA area. She is also someone I have been following on Facebook for quite some time because she is simply amazing. I reached out to Emily, and lo and behold, she agreed to mentor me! So I flew out to Boston and spent a full day observing, participating, learning, and admiring. We had the pleasure of working with two adorable little ones – thank you to the families who let me join the fun. These two could not get any more adorable! There is just something about new baby smell, and I always forget how tiny they start out. Their little feet, their little noses – I love it all!

At the end of this experience, I feel a new sense of excitement for what I do. I can’t wait to bring what I learned back to Spokane, WA and use my new knowledge to capture more moments like these. If you are expecting and would like to schedule your newborn session, let me know! I would love to share my passion for newborn photography with you. Most of all though, I would like to thank Emily once again for sharing her knowledge and talent with me!