Boston :: Personal

Boston – I loved every second of it! Frankly, I just love the East Coast. Ever since I visited New York City over two years ago, I have been enthralled by that part of the country. And Boston was no different. It was such an amazing city and an amazing experience. We landed in 80° temperatures, then by the time we left, I was trying to buy gloves (to no avail) to keep from freezing. Regardless of the 30°+ temperature swing, I fell in love with this city and am excited to share some photos from my time there.

One of the great things about Boston is that we walked everywhere! Boston Common, The Public Garden, Beacon Hill, the North End for Italian food and cannolis, Newbury Street for shopping, and, of course, the Freedom Trail. What an experience to be in the middle of a huge city that also holds so much history. Seeing churches and other landmarks from hundreds of years ago surrounded by skyscrapers from this century was breathtaking.

We also drove up to Rockport, MA one of the days, which is the quintessential coastal town, and we walked the shore of Halibut Point State Park. The pictures below don’t do it justice! On the way back into Boston, we drove through Salem, along the coast, and stopped at Harvard Square for lunch and a stroll through Harvard Yard. I have always loved old brick buildings, so Harvard was absolutely stunning!

Last but not least, we went to a ball game at Fenway Park (check that off the ol’ bucket list!). Walking into the stadium, I couldn’t help but feel giddy. I mean – WOW! Fenway lived up to everything I imagined it would be. The food, the atmosphere, the die hard fans, everything! There is nothing better than watching baseball at the ball park, with a hot dog in hand, surrounded by so much history.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to visit Boston for photography mentoring, but I am more grateful for the chance to experience the city over several days. This is one place that I look forward to coming back to – over and over again!