:: The O Family ::

How lucky are we to live in such an incredible, beautiful place. We have some of the most beautiful locations within a hop, skip, and jump from us, and our falls can leave you speechless. This was one of those sessions where everything lined up perfectly. The sun was gorgeous, the fall leaves were out in full force, and the family could not get any more perfect. To be honest though, the older little girl wanted nothing to do with the photo shoot. She was a little under the weather and did not want to be there. It’s okay if kids feel like this! This is why I like to give them breaks and we focus on interactions because it’s hard for little ones to sit still and cooperate. Scroll down to look at this adorable images we captured by allowing her to play with a piece of grass! I get it – I will never force children into anything. I try to make the sessions as fun as possible with breaks throughout, but I never stop shooting!