Sessions last between 2-4 hours, sometimes longer if baby is a light sleeper or is hungry. The easiest way to ensure a sleepy baby is the willingness to nurse or bottle feed off and on. I will never force the baby into anything, and I allow for as many feeding breaks as necessary.

Please note, it will be WARM – the studio will be at least 80 degrees. There is a separate sitting room with a TV for parents and siblings that will be a little cooler for comfort; however, I come dressed for a warm few hours and suggest you do, too!

While a pacifier is not a requirement, it can be extremely helpful during the session. Even if you haven’t used one, just for the couple hours during the session, having it available can make things go more smoothly. However, if you really prefer we don’t use one, that’s okay, too!

Lastly, though I do follow a certain workflow, each session will be slightly different and yield different images because each baby is different. If you do have a specific setup or pose that you are hoping for, it is very important you let me know in advance so I can be prepared ahead of time.

It is my hope you come to the studio feeling comfortable and at home. I am truly honored to be able to document this incredible time in your lives, and I look forward to getting to know you and your sweet baby!


A peaceful state of sleepiness is the ultimate goal of your newborn session. A sleepy baby is critical to the success of the session so I have compiled some tips and instructions to help your newborn session run as smoothly as possible. Please read through this prep guide, and let me know if you have any questions.

newborn photographer spokane_IMG1

:: FOR BABY ::

Please do your best to keep your little one awake for at least one hour before the session. Try bathing baby in a long, drawn out bath, let them kick with only a diaper, or tickle their toes.

The goal is to have a deeply sleeping baby so I cannot stress how important it is to do your best to keep baby awake!

Before the shoot, please feed them 2-3 hours prior, and plan on feeding them again right before you leave your house for your session. During this final feeding, give your baby a FULL feeding, not just a “snack” feeding. Tickle their feet, change their diaper, do anything and everything you can to keep baby awake to ensure a full feeding.

Please dress your little one in a zip-up or button-up sleeper. To avoid disturbing baby, please DO NOT dress them in multi-piece outfits, onesies, or anything that pulls over the head. Also, avoid tight fitting caps, socks, or mittens – basically avoid anything that may leave marks on their skin. Lastly, secure the diaper loosely so it is easily removed.

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:: FOR MOM & DAD ::

If your session includes parent portraits, I recommend simple clothing. Focus is kept above the waist and mostly on the baby’s and parents’ faces. Snuggly fitting t-shirts (no pockets), cardigans, or tank tops are the best choice. And dads are always welcome to go shirtless!

Neutrals photograph best (black, white, grey, tan, brown, etc.), and I suggest parents coordinate tones and avoid contrast (i.e. dad in black, mom in white). Additionally, avoid wearing large jewelry, watches, and/or excessive tops and accessories. Your hands will be very visible, so I recommend avoiding nail polish or choose a neutral color.



For sisters, please bring a well fitting neutral top, preferable a tank top (white is always a good option!). Do their hair simply and naturally, free of big bows or headbands. Also, just as with mom, no nail polish please.

For brothers, although focus is mostly from the waist up, I recommend dressing them in well fitting jeans, and if not shirtless, then a well fitting white t-shirt.


Extra Diapers & Wipes

Extra Bottles / Formula (if bottle fed)

Pacifier (optional but helpful)

Soft Hair Brush (if baby has a thick head of hair!)

Parent / Sibling Outfits

Change of Clothes for Mom & Dad (in case of accidents)


My studio is located at 4129 S Cook Street, Spokane, WA 99223. Please feel free to park all the way in the driveway as the studio entrance is through the back gate. Once through the gate, please proceed up the exterior staircase along the detached garage. If you have any difficulties find the studio, please do not hesitate to contact me for more detailed directions!